If you got to win at a game of poker, you have to keep a straight face, so that players can never guess what cards you are holding. That’s how the term Poker face came into being, mainly because it meant to keep on a straight face that did not betray your actual feelings. Here is how keeping a Poker face can help you in your game and here are some tips on how to keep a Poker face on.

How to keep a Poker face
Some of the best ways in which you can keep a Poker face are easy. Try it by using these easy tips:
· Control your eye movements: The way your eyes move around the table or between your cards can tell a lot about what you are thinking and what sort of cards you might hold, or even the emotions that are running through you. You can learn to control your eye movements by being more conscious about how you are playing the game. If you cannot do this and find that your eyes constantly betray the cards you are holding, try wearing dark glasses to a poker event. Remember this might mean players could read your cards off your glasses, so try to get some with minimal reflection.
· Watch your body language: Your body language is also a dead giveaway when it comes to your emotions. You can betray how you are feeling through the way you sit, any nervous ticks, the way you position your hands and even in the way you hold your head over the cards. Try to maintain the same posture throughout the game and loosen up your body. This will help you to always stay calm no matter what cards you are holding, so that other players cannot see anything different about your position.
· Keep your voice calm: Another great traitor of emotions is your voice. You can call out your next wager excitedly or in a dull tone and either can give away exactly what sort of cards you are holding. Keep your voice calm and neutral and pay very close attention to how you enunciate every word when you are placing a wager. Always maintain the same tone of voice no matter how you might be feeling inside. A deadpan expression and a neutral voice are great ways to mask what you might actually be facing at the table.
· Practice makes perfect: If all of this sounds really hard to do, try practicing at home in front of a mirror. Watch how you sit, how you talk and how you move your facial muscles. In time you will find that all you need to do the next time you sit at the poker table is to put on your Poker face and you will be able to ace your game by taking advantage of the way the other players betray their emotions, instead. The more you play poker, the better you will get at masking your emotions.

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