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To ace poker, you should know the game in and out; and if you can’t do that in a short time, at least you can familiarise yourself with poker terms and the different types of games in online poker out there. Unlike slots, here you need to plan a different strategy for each hand. You need to observe the game of others to improve your winning opportunities. Let’s start by taking you through the different poker terms.

Poker terms

  • Ante: the minimum amount needed to put in the pot to play the next session.
  • Call: When a player wants to match the raised bet.
  • Check: When a player doesn’t want to raise the bet.
  • Raise: When a player wants to increase the bet amount.
  • Blinds: When a player wants to place a bet without seeing the cards.  

Types of poker games

Now, let’s take a look at the type of games in online poker so that you can choose the best one for you.

Texas Hold ‘Em:

This is the most famous games in online poker. It is widely played at all casinos and in this, the dealer hands out two pocket or hole cards to players and after that deals out 5 community cards, through four betting rounds. The first betting round takes place when the dealer has dealt the cards. In the second betting round, the dealer reveals first three community cards. The dealer reveals 4th community card in the third round and then 5th card in the last round. You need to prepare the best hand by using revealed community cards to win Texas Hold ‘Em poker game.


2-10 players can play Omaha variant of poker at a time. It is different from the Texas Hold ‘Em because the community cards are revealed immediately after the dealer has dealt cards to all players. There are also four rounds in this game, but you need to create the strongest hand using five community and four hole cards.

7-card stud:

In this type of poker game, players are provided with 7 cards, in which four cards are held in your hand the remaining three are left unrevealed at the table. The player can make the best hand using any five cards. Among all games in online poker, a large number of people choose 7-card stud because they don’t have to wait too long to create the best hand.

High/Low Chicago:

This is another variant of poker in which the win is decided by checking highest spade face-down and the lowest spade face-down. If you are playing High Chicago, the player with the highest spade face-down will win half of the pot. The same thing happens in Low Chicago, but the lowest spade wins half the pot. Playing such games in online poker are considered fun because you can either win half pot or by playing the strongest hand.

These poker variants, and more, are available in most online casinos. Always check available types of games in online poker so that you can choose the best variant for you.

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