Texas Hold Em

When someone talks to you about poker, they are mostly referring to the most widely played variant of the game, which is Texas Hold em. This game has a rich history that has made it attract a cult following from players around the world today and is played at every poker tournament that is worth its title. Let’s take a look at why the game is so popular and how it all started.

The origin of Texas Hold em

Texas Hold em was originally played in a place called Robstown, in Texas. The first recorded version of the game is said to have been played sometime in the start of the twentieth century, after which it was enjoyed in other parts of Texas. In 1967 the game was introduced to other states of the USA, such as Las Vegas, by a poker star named Crandell Addington. Addington is credited with having hailed the game as a ‘thinking man’s game’ because of the strategy that you need to use to win it. Once the game made its way to Las Vegas, there was no turning back.

In Las Vegas

When Texas Hold em was first played in Vegas, it found limited favour among players mainly because the game was restricted to a single casino – The Golden Nugget. At this time, this casino was unknown to the high rollers and poker celebrities. It was only later that the game came to be known by other players among the community mainly because of a Texas Hold em poker tournament that was introduced in 1969 by The Dune casino. Players soon saw that high stakes could translate to rich dividends for players and they all soon made a beeline for the game and started to play it in other casinos back home, too.

Growing Popularity

The World Series of Poker tournament of 1970 boosted the game’s popularity mainly because it was the one poker event that was held every year that drew a huge crowd. When Texas Hold em was placed as the main attraction of this event, there was no going back for players and they began to insist on the game being played in their own home towns as well. The game also inspired several books on Texas Hold em poker strategy to be written by players who enjoyed the game.

Texas Hold em today

Today, Texas Hold em is a firm favourite for both beginners as well as seasoned players of the game. There is a lot of strategy employed in playing the game and tips are shared by celebrity players as well as casinos everywhere. The game is a part of every casino all over the world as it inspires them to think on their feet, strategically and creatively so that they can win the game with a good hand. Now that you know how the game is played, you can go tell other people too, about how your favourite game began! Read more about the unbeatable poker machine.  

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