There are a lot of movies that have casinos as a part of their theme and the story revolves around the casinos. We have managed to pick 10 of the classic casino movies that will be remembered for a lifetime.

The movies that we have listed are entertaining and there are many who have admired the movies. As a part of their storyline, many of the movies have shown the actors/characters playing favourite table games like Roulette, Poker, and Blackjack.

  1.    Casino: The movie depicts tragedy that happens between two close friends. The story involves a casino owner, a mafia underboss and a beautiful wife. It shows the glamorous Las Vegas and shows the cruel part of the life along with the glamorous part. The movie shows the characters playing Aces High casino game.
  1.    Rounders: The story concentrates more on a young man who is a reformed gambler but he must return to the casino world to play Poker and help his debt- stricken friend.
  1.       The Sting: This movie is more of a thriller and aims at giving you some real action stunts and thrilling series of events. The movie revolves around a young conman seeking revenge for his murdered partner who teams up with a big con to win huge money from a criminal banker.
  1.    Ocean’s eleven: Brad Pitt Starred Casino- themed movie Ocean’s eleven is one of the classic casino movies which depicts the story of eleven mysterious characters that silently plan to rob three Las Vegas casinos. The movie shows Blackjack game being played by the actors.
  1.    High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story: This movie is based on the true story of the poker legend Stu “The Kid” Ungar. The movie is completely based on how to win big money in the ‘Poker’ game.
  1.    The Cincinnati Kid: This masterpiece concentrates on the poker game and a young man’s quest for winning to prove himself in a high- stakes match against a genius of the game.
  1.    Maverick: It’s one of the casino movies that are based on the popular game ‘Poker’.  This movie is having more of the comic side to it and it shows how the main character ‘Bret Maverick’ who is in need of money for a poker tournament.
  1.    21: This movie is a fact- based story which features 6 MIT students who are trained to take card counting at the casinos and eventually win millions of money in winnings.
  1.    Owning Mahowny:  This yet another classic tale of the casino business. It showcases a bank manager who has a gambling problem and when he gets an access to a multimillion account gets into a difficult situation.
  1.   A Big Hand for the Little Lady: This is another comic movie which aims at providing entertainment to the viewers. It tells you the story of a traveller who bets more money than he can afford and ends up in a messy situation. What follows next are a series of comical events.

Those are the top 10 Hollywood Casino Movies that will give you an idea of how the games at casinos mean to the players.

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