Playing poker is always so very interesting, I find, simply because there are so many different ways in which you can play the game. You have different Types of betting that you can employ just to keep things interesting and this can really change how you can win the game. Here, I’m going to tell you about the different Types of betting that you can try out in your poker games. Always remember to change it up and use your own unique flavor to these because there’s every chance that another poker player will figure out what you are up to and then use these strategies against you!

The 3 bet: A 3 bet is a preflop strategy in which you can raise another player’s raise just before the flop. This is meant to be a show of strength and is only recommended if you have a really strong hand that you can use to defeat the other players. You can always raise your opponents raise if you want to be really combative and confrontational in your game.

  • Isolation raise: Another good preflop strategy to use is when you do an isolation raise. This is when you follow another player’s limp with a raise. This is a good way to edge out the other players especially if they are new players who are limping along in the game. However, this move can backfire if the opponent actually has a strong hand that they are masking with their limp, so you will have to be careful and make sure you have a good hand if you want to try this one.
  • C-bet: A continuation bet is one that you can try after the flop. To play this bet, you need to ensure that your opponent will fold if they have a made hand. This may be a tricky situation to get into especially if you know that your opponent does not usually fold. It is good to follow this up if you have raised preflop, making it easier to ensure that your opponent chooses to fold instead of raising their game.
  • Bluff: A bluff is best made by a player who knows what they are doing. It is very easy to get carried away by bluffing if you are new to the game and are unsure of yourself. You can always get a player to think that you are holding a good set of hands and do a stone cold bluff, or you can fool a player into thinking you have a weak hand when you actually have an average hand, in what is called a semi bluff technique. Bluffs can backfire, so be very careful when you are perfecting this technique.
  • Over betting: Over betting is when you place a larger bet than the jackpot amount. While this may seem like a foolish thing to do, it actually is quite clever because it takes other players by surprise and they tend to then fold.

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